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Farnsworth thumb 48 Good news everyone!
Development is coming along fine, and if this thing has legs, I can see running you guys up to level 10 and pressing on from there.

Welcome to the Wasteland.

The elders speak of a time long ago, when the Ancients lived in one world, filled with wonders.
They lived in peace and glory until the day they activated their great machine. No one remembers what the machine was intended to do, but the result of its activation was to tear the universe apart. In that moment the world merged with a thousand other worlds, both wondrous and terrible, and Gamma Terra was born.

But that was long before anyone you know was ever born.

Today you have your own problems.

Some of you have traveled far, from and through strange wastes, but you have all arrived here at the shore of a lake on the eastern edge of the Zandig Bay Area.

The campaign will be using the Gamma World box set and its two expansions, Famine in Far-Go and Legion of Gold to afford players the widest range of origin options. I also intend to use the provided adventures from Far-Go and Legion.

There is an interactive character sheet at the WotC website that you can see here.
If you want to pick up either the base game or the expansions, so you can make characters, you can grab them at Amazon for low, low prices:
Gamma World – $26.39
Famine in Far-Go – $19.79
Legion of Gold – $19.79
The main box has the base character generation and general rules along with 21 character origins, Far-Go has 20 more character origins and presents a great deal of background and information on the Cryptic Alliances that act as power groups in Gamma Terra, and Legion has the final 8 character origins and little else for players.

Home Page

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