The Ancients And Omega Tech Cards

From the Gamma World Rulebook Pg.68:
Over the course of your explorations in Gamma Terra, you frequently acquire artifacts of advanced technology. Omega Tech represents exotic super-science devices that litter the irradiated wastelands of Gamma Terra. While thousands of varieties of Omega Tech items exist, most fall into one of three broad origins:

Area 52: And you thought Area 51 was secret! Area 52 tech is derived from the Greys – extraterrestrials who mastered dark energy millennia ago.
Ishtar: The Empire of Ishtar is a highly advanced human civilization that arose in a number of worldlikes. The Ishtarans sent spies, advisors, and even armies of conquerors to many of the alternate Earths. Their technology is photonic in nature.
Xi: Xi tech is the product of machine intelligence and is built on nanotech and neural interfaces. Like the Ishtarans, machine civilizations are common in many worldlines. (It’s pronounced Zee, by the way.)"

Flavor wise, I’m going to look at these groups of Ancient technology as the following

  • Area 52: Retro or realistic Sci-Fi like 50’s movies or tech from the Fallout Games.
  • Ishtar: Fantastic or Anime style Sci-Fi ranging from Star Wars to Macross.
  • Xi: Cyberpunk style Sci-Fi ranging from Blade Runner to Ghost in the Shell.

I also intend to have certain areas be influenced by these groups, so you might be more likely to find of keep certain Omega Tech items while you are in them. (ironically, any of the three are equally likely to field a giant robot. The difference is in weather it has a pilot in it.)

Omega Tech cards work much like Alpha Mutation cards, but you get them as loot and roll to see if you can keep them running after you use them.

  1. Draw a card: if you have your own deck, roll a d20. If you roll a 10 or better you can draw from your own deck. If you roll 9 or less, or if you don’t have your own deck, you simply draw from the GM deck.
  2. Ready: You can have as many Omega Tech cards readied as you have, just keep them by your character sheet.
  3. Use: Each Omega Tech device works once per encounter and then it is tapped. Any benefit will work for the duration of the encounter.
  4. Omega Charge Check: At the end of an encounter where you used an Omega Tech card, roll a d20 for each card used. If you roll a 10 or better, the device stays charged and becomes untapped and ready for use. If you roll 9 or less, the item is burned out and you must discard the card.

Omega Tech Salvage:
If an burnt out Omega Tech card has a Salvage section and you meet its level requirement, you can salvage it and keep using it at a reduced capacity as normal equipment.

The Ancients And Omega Tech Cards

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