Alpha Mutation Cards

For as far back as you can recall, you were different. In a world full of people who changed slowly or not at all, you were constantly in flux.

From the Gamma World Rule Book Pg.66:
“All D&D Gamma World heroes have access to wild, unpredictable abilities known as Alpha powers. IN effect, you’re able to manifest special powers by drawing on alternate wolrdlines in which you naturally possess them. Some heroes do this through exercises of logic and concentration. Others do it by intuition or feel, or even by accident. A moment of panic or rage trips a switch and suddenly, you’re not exactly the person you used to be.

Alpha Mutations are derived from three distinct sources of energy: bio, dark and psi.

Bio Energy: You alter your physical nature, possibly activating pieces of junk DNA or making all your mitochondria do something new and different.
Dark Energy: Dark energy is a force that pervades every bit of matter in the universe. You can unlock it and shape it into usable forms.
Psi Energy: You focus your mind to do impossible things.”

  1. At the beginning of each session, you’ll draw an Alpha Mutation power card from my deck (until anyone gets cards and puts their own together). As you level up you will draw two and eventually three cards.
  2. Keep the cards readied next to your character sheet.
  3. While it’s out, you gain any effect listed on the card’s Benefit section. If the card has a power listed on it and you choose to use it, you do so and then turn the card (tap it) to indicate that you have used the power.
  4. At the end of an encounter you will discard all of your Alpha Mutation cards and draw new cards to replace them.
  5. Alpha Flux: Whenever you roll a 1 on a d20 die during an encounter, you’re hero experiences a fluctuation of possible worldliness and must discard one of their Alpha Mutation cards, either tapped or untapped. You may then draw a new Alpha Mutation card that comes in untapped and ready to go.

From the Gamma World Rulebook Pg.67:
“Overcharging Alpha Powers:
When an Alpha power has an overcharge entry, you can try to boost its effectiveness at the risk of the power going awry. The overcharge entry indicates when you can overcharge; unless otherwise stated on the card, overcharging an Alpha power is a free action you can declare at the indicated time. You can overcharge a power only once. To overcharge, roll a d20. The Alpha Mutation card indicates the effect that occurs as a result of the d20 roll. Usually, a result of 10 or higher is a successful overcharge (and an increased effect), and a result of 9 or lower incurs a penalty or condition that is applied to you. If you attempt to overcharge an attack power and fail, the power still works normally, and then you suffer the negative effect. Your primary origin might give you a bonus to overcharge certain Alpha powers.”
*corrected from conflicted rules

I want you to think of Alpha powers not only as mutations as the names of the cards suggest, but as any powers, abilities or equipment that might come from any worldline, be it cybernetics, biological modifications, crystal implants or whatever intrinsic cause you like.

Alpha Mutation Cards

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